Home demolition (archive image)
Home demolition (archive image) Sliman Khader/FLASH90

The IDF announced on Thursday that it will reconsider its decision not to demolish the home of Adiel Colman's killer.

Colman, a father of four, was killed in March by Abd al-Rahman Bani Fadel. In September, the IDF said that it would not demolish Fadel's home as it commonly does with terrorists because of a psychiatric illness the killer was allegedly suffering from.

The ruling came after the family's lawyer supplied medical documents proving that he had received treatment for a psychiatric illness in Jordan.

The decision enraged the Coleman family, who argued that a terrorist who commits a stabbing attack knows how to weigh his steps in advance and is not mentally ill. The family also mentioned that the terrorist had received a work permit in Israel.

"He may have been given medicine but he functioned 100 percent," said the Colman's mother. "He had enough power to murder my precious son in cold blood."

Following Coleman's appeal, the Central Command decided to reopen the ruling and issue another demolition order for Fadel's home.

"Recently, requests were received from the Coleman family and materials attached to them, in which it was claimed, among other things, that the terrorist who murdered the late Adiel was not mentally deficient, and therefore the house should be demolished. As a result, the matter is being examined by the relevant security bodies," confirmed the IDF in a statement.

The Coleman family thanked the military for looking into the issue again, saying that "the IDF finds its sanity again in reexamining the decision".

"There is no doubt that the data speaks for itself. The terrorist was full of hatred and rage and specifically planned to murder a Jew. We will not return Adiel to us anymore, but we hope that no more families will join us in bereavement."