NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Hamas that "it's not worth trying" to be terror tunnels after the IDF destroyed a tunnel extending deep into Israel on Thursday.

"Today we have uncovered another tunnel. We are systematically dismantling Hamas' tunnel capability, they have to understand that it is not worth trying us," Netanyahu said during a tour of an American destroyer anchored in the Ashdod port.

Netanyahu added that the tunnel neutralization showed that Israel is "determined to act against terrorism everywhere, to find the murderers, to find the terrorists - we are operating throughout the region - Syria, Gaza and many other places that I will not elaborate on with all the determination necessary to maintain Israel's security."

Netanyahu toured the destroyer along with the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman: "We are here for the first visit in 19 years of an American destroyer at the port of Ashdod," said Netanyahu. "There is significance to this visit. It symbolizes the deep covenant between Israel and the United States. "

"This destroyer is working against terrorism in Syria, and the alliance between Israel and the US is very tight in so many areas, especially in the security field. We are determined to act in order to defend ourselves against Iran's military buildup in Syria and its metastasis activity."

The Prime Minister added that "President Trump has given full support to our policy and the fact that this destroyer is visiting here today is an expression of that American support, and I think that message has been absorbed throughout the Middle East, and I think it has been absorbed even beyond the Middle East."

IDF forces destroyed a Gaza terror tunnel on Thursday that snaked 200 meters (220 yards) into Israel territory from the central Gaza Strip.

The IDF said that the tunnel was not adjacent to any of the Israeli communities near Gaza, and had been under surveillance until it's destruction.