Israir plane
Israir planeiStock

The Jerusalem Health Ministry on Wednesday reported that a measles patient flew on Tuesday from Eilat to Tel Aviv.

The Ministry asked that anyone who was on the Israir flight, which left Eilat's airport at 1:55p.m. on Tuesday, watch for a fever and rash and immediately inform their doctor that they were in contact with a measles patient.

Passengers who are considered to be high risk are asked to request an MMR vaccination immediately.

High-risk groups include: Babies under 12 months of age, pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals such as those undergoing chemotherapy or who take high doses of steroids, and AIDS patients.

Earlier this week, the Ministry warned that over 100 children were at risk of contracting measles after an 11-month-old baby visiting the emergency room was discovered to have contracted the disease.

In July, a three-year-old measles patient whose parents did not vaccinate him "for technical reasons" put 80 pediatric cancer patients at risk of contracting the disease.