Danny Danon (center) and Nikki Haley
Danny Danon (center) and Nikki Haley Spokesperson

The Israeli mission to the United Nations responded Tuesday to the decision by US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley to step down from her position, lauding her work in the international body since assuming office in January 2017.

"Thank you, Nikki Haley,” Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said in a statement Tuesday.

“Thank you for standing with the truth without fear. Thank you for representing the values common to Israel and the United States.”

Danon praised Haley for her efforts in the UN to challenge anti-Israel bias and work to block resolutions targeting the Jewish state.

“Thank you for your support for the State of Israel, which helped lead to a change in Israel's status in the UN. Thank you for your close friendship and common paths. Wherever you are, you will continue to be a true friend of the State of Israel."

Earlier on Tuesday, Axios reported that Haley, who resigned as Governor of South Carolina last January to serve as UN ambassador, would be stepping down later this year.

President Trump accepted Haley’s resignation, saying Haley had done an “incredible job”, calling her a “fantastic person”.

During her tenure as ambassador, Haley was an outspoken critic of what she termed “abusive anti-Israel bias”. In July, however, Haley claimed that her efforts in the UN had helped to yield a “paradigm shift”.

"Nothing like this had ever been done before at the United Nations. Hundreds of resolutions passed by the General Assembly dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have failed even to mention Hamas," Haley wrote in a CNN op-ed. "What happened next was the beginning of a paradigm shift."

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