Sara Netanyahu, Binyamin Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu, Binyamin Netanyahu Flash90

Arutz Sheva spoke with Haaretz's culture editor, Benny Ziffer, a close friend of the Netanyahu family, about the “mishpat hahamgashiot” (the “food tray trial”) taking place against Sara Netanyahu.

Ziffer opened his remarks by stating that the entire existence of the trial is unnecessary and contemptuous, as he put it. "This is beyond the ridiculous, and even humiliates the Israeli legal system."

To those who assert that 350,000 shekels is at stake in the trial, Ziffer recommends "to think about the money that the trial itself and all that has to do with it, the investigations, the inquiries and the expeditions that have come and gone and examined the matter will cost, and what is it about? It’s about something ridiculous.”

Ziffer went on to say: "According to the regulations that existed during the period under discussion, the prime minister's residence and the prime minister and his wife are supposed to be fed and provided for by the state, so there is nothing to complain about against the wife of the prime minister. Besides, she cannot be accused of fraud or breach of trust as she is not a public servant. The one who signs the payment for the trays or to employ people of different kinds, it is not her. Maybe it is Ezra Seidoff, who in my opinion also did not do anything wrong, but even if they say there is some sort of wrongdoing here, why her? What is her connection to all this? If she had wanted to order, he could have told her it was not fitting of regulations, but because it was appropriate to regulations, he did order."

"Beyond this, there is a systematic persecution here of the prime minister and his wife. They are persecuting his wife in order to embarrass and topple the prime minister. That is all and that’s clear. Because if this were an isolated incident that was revealed and they did a trial, it would have been logical, but here they have been digging in the trash cans of the Netanyahu couple's private lives for twenty years to charge them. When all the other charges fell, they were caught here with the only one that has not yet been refuted, but it will be refuted, in my opinion, with God's help in this trial."