Alsheikh and Eizenkot
Alsheikh and Eizenkot Flash 90

The cabinet unanimously approved the recommendation of Tourism Minister Yariv Levin to appoint Prof. Talia Einhorn and Moshe Terri as members of the Advisory Committee for Appointing Senior Officials in the Civil Service (the "Goldberg Committee").

Minister Levin expressed hope that Committee activities would now be possible and that urgent appointments could be carried out for a series of senior positions including Chief of Staff, Police Commissioner, and the Israel Prison Service Commissioner.

The Tourism Minister added, "Disqualifying the candidates proposed by Prime Minister, Nagel and Stark, was unjustified on the face of it and severely damaged the ability to convince people with proven experience and ability to contribute to public service."

According to him, "in a proper democratic regime, criticism and approval of appointments should be made by the parliament after a hearing process, as was done in the United States, and not by committees and the judiciary, which in practice assume the authority to determine who will eventually be appointed."

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