Dangers of the Internet
Dangers of the InternetiStock

The Lehava anti-assimilation organization reports the story of H., a religious, married woman from the center of the country who decided to open a business whose target audience is women.

H. published the business in her Facebook account and published a contact phone number.

However, from the moment the post was published, H. began to receive messages with shocking content from an Arab called "T".

She says the messages included sexual content, nude pictures, recordings, pictures of flowers and hearts, and more. Although H. tried to block T, he managed to circumvent all obstruction and continue his harassment. K shared her story with the members of her family who asked assistance from the Lehava organization.

According to an investigation carried out by the organization, H. is not the first to be harassed by the same Arab. According to Lahavah, the same Arab has "a long history of harassing Jewish women, with characteristics similar to H.'s harassment."

Anat Gopstein of the Lehavah organization says "this is a common and widespread phenomenon; correspondence of this kind is shocking and makes daily functioning difficult."

Gopstein directed H. to file a complaint with the police. However, H. was initially afraid to file a complaint, because she was not sure that these were criminal offenses.

Only after the Lahavah lawyer explained to her that if this case is not dealt with on the legal level now, the Arab will continue harassing younger women, and after being informed of the laws violated by the Arab when he harassed her, she agreed to complain to the police.

"I call on all the victims of the nationalistic network, as we define it in the organization, to flood the police with complaints against harassing Arabs," said organization Chairman Bentzi Gopstein. "It's inconceivable that thousands of Arabs harass Jewish girls on the Internet, and the police aren't working to eradicate the phenomenon. As in any case, also in this case: Lehava's legal department will continue monitoring police's action closely, and we will continue to assist according to our abilities."