Hareidi men in Bnei Brak (illustrative)
Hareidi men in Bnei Brak (illustrative)Flash 90

The haredi city of Bnei Brak will cut the water supply to the light rail project to workers digging the Tel Aviv light rail within its municipal boundaries.

According to the report in Walla, the haredi city decided to cut the water in order to demonstrate its displeasure for the work being carried out on the Jewish day of rest.

Bnei Brak has been at loggerheads with Danye Cebus, the company tasked with digging the tunnel for the light rail for its decision to continue Shabbat infrastructure work despite an earlier agreement not to. Earlier this month, a court said that construction may continue on Shabbat despite the agreement because any work stoppage poses a danger to the public.

Danye Cebus slammed the decision to cut the water supply and alleged that it was liable to lead to loss of life.

"The supply of regular water to the sites of light rail work on Sabbaths and holidays is also required to prevent the ongoing work of mining machines that pose a safety hazard, and for safety purposes at sites where no work is performed on the Sabbath, but they include the presence of bodyguards that need the water to provide an initial response in the event of fires that will erupt at construction sites during the Sabbath," said the company in a statement.

The Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area Mass-Transit System is scheduled to open in 2021 and includes a light rail that will ferry passengers throughout the greater Tel Aviv area. Part of the light rail passes through Bnei Brak and the city has been infuriated by the infrastructure work that takes place on the Jewish day of rest.