Shooting attack
Shooting attackiStock

A Russian woman hired an assassin to kill her neighbors, RT reported.

The 53-year-old woman, who lives in Budyonnovsk, made her decision after she and her neighbors fought over their decision to renovate and drill into a wall of their apartment block.

According to RT, the woman began searching for an appropriate assassin, but her search brought her to the attention of local police.

Speaking to her chosen assassin, she said, "You have to finish all of them off." She also insisted he not spare the children since, "It's not enough. This will only make them angry."

She also claimed the neighbors were stalking her, endangering her life. The two agreed that the husband and wife would be assassinated for a sum of 100,000 rubles ($1500) and the children would be dealt with later.

The assassin, however, was an undercover cop and the exchange was recorded by a hidden camera.

Police contacted the targets, and staging the killing in their car. The "assassin" then showed the photos to the woman who had hired him, who paid the agreed-upon sum and was immediately arrested.

She later issued a full confession.