Route 443 checkpoint
Route 443 checkpointFlash 90

A Palestinian Authority (PA) Arab attempted on Thursday afternoon to stab an IDF soldier.

The attempted attack occurred at a checkpoint near to Route 443, between Jerusalem and Modi'in.

The attacker, aged approximately 8, drew a large knife and shouted at the soldier. He then threw his knife towards where the soldier was standing and quickly escaped the scene.

Initial investigations show that upon arrival at the checkpoint the young terrorist aroused the suspicion of both the guards and the lookouts stationed at the checkpoint.

No injuries were reported.

IDF troops are searching the area for the suspect.

PA Arab preschool children are taught to take pride in aspirations to kill Jews. In addition, PA textbooks for years have included incitement to violence and hatred of both Jews and Israel.

In a previous terror attack, the terrorist wrote a will before carrying out the attack, quoting in it his old school textbook.