Ari Nesher
Ari NesherMagen David Adom

Israel Police spokeswoman Merav Lapidot on Thursday spoke about police investigators' decision to interrogate and warn the youth who allowed accident victim Ari Nesher to ride an electric bicycle.

Nesher was run over last month while riding an electric bicycle in Tel Aviv.

"If he hadn't put him on the bike, Ari would still be alive today," Lapidot told Army Radio. in response to protests made by the interrogated youth's parents.

"Do they think that if he was injured, we won't investigate? How [else] would we bring justice to Ari's parents?" she asked.

Earlier today, the interrogated youth's parents slammed Israel Police, claiming that the police are trying to cover up their own failings by interrogating others.

"I arrived at the police station together with my son, and we sat there together," the youth's mother told Army Radio. "They began by harshly blaming my son, and they told him that he was investigated under warning and suspicion of negligence and causing his dear, beloved friend's death."

"There was no preparation for this and they denied it in an earlier phone call. We were in shock. My son was close to Ari, they truly loved each other. I saw my son's face and this was insensitivity on the part of the police."