A few months ago a slightly odd article was published in the Persian newspaper about a large number of tiny fish found lying on the main road. At first, the local police thought it was a car accident involving a fish truck, but it turned out the fish weren't ready for sale and were alive.

Over time, the real picture became clear - shortly before finding the fish, a meteorological report was received about a storm over a lake near the road. Naturalists arriving at the site determined that the stormy weather probably brought strong winds that eventually caused the lake to rise from its natural position and land as rain directly on the road.

Surreal fishscape
Surreal fishscape iStock

Although the phenomenon appears to be supernatural, it is a known natural event that occurs relatively frequently. Two years ago a report was received in Ethiopia about fish and small frogs falling from the sky, and in the past ten years we've seen raining fish in Canada, India, and Australia.

When will it reach Israel? Since there are no hurricane winds in the area so strong anytime soon, the next time it rains stronger than usual - you're invited to search among the drops also for some small fish.

In the video you can even see the fish still moving and the residents collecting them. The Iranians haven't blamed Israel for the strange rain, but it is impossible to know what will happen.

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