Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan
Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben DahanFlash 90

Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan today attacked leaders of the social media campaign to close the pre-military program in Eli by stopping government funding for the program.

Rabbi Ben Dahan referred to a recently published post on the Facebook page entitled "Yair Nehorai - Closing Mechinat Eli" that has been in operation since the end of March this year.

The post quotes Mechina head Rabbi Eli Sadan as saying: "The Torah is the Constitution of the State," with a call to halt budgets for the preparatory program.

"It's no wonder that those who work every moment to conceal any Jewish trait in the public sphere in Israel are acting against Mechinat Eli, which has produced generations of IDF officers who are active in values ​​of Judaism and nationalism," tweeted Rabbi Ben Dahan.

"As I always say - it won't help you; the more you try to act against - you'll only get the opposite result!", added the Deputy Defense Minister.

Rabbi Eli Sadan receives Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement 5776:

Mechina where young men study before army service
Mechina where young men study before army serviceFlash 90