Liberman visits Midreshet Lindenbaum
Liberman visits Midreshet LindenbaumGershon Ellinson

The Defense Ministry's Social Security Division published data showing that there was a 15% increase in the number of girls enlisting in the IDF through the Midreshot program.

The head of the division and the deputy director general of the Ministry of Defense, Moshe Zin, presented the data at the opening of a year for the midrasha girls who are enlisting in the IDF.

Rabbi Ohad Taharlev, head of Midreshet Lindenbaum of Ort Torah Stone, said, "Every year in recent years there has been talk of a peak recruitment of religious girls for the army, and everyone is trying to analyze the revolution that the sector underwent in the past year. We are not surprised by this and are still excited every time anew. "

"In the midrashot we train the girls for the good and the kindness between the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life - both Torah study and contribution to the State, where soldiers and conscripts make a mutual contribution, and thus a reciprocal exchange between the soldier and the army. They enlist in a specific track that enables them to maintain their way of life, enables them to serve a significant service and contribute in the most appropriate manner to the IDF and its most important places. Not just a lot of girls who continue to be officers and even [have their careers in the IDF]."

The increase in the number of girls who enlisted through the Midrasha track is also reflected this year in the record for Midreshet Lindenbaum, which was the first to establish a program that combines Torah study for women and IDF recruitment, and currently operates in Jerusalem and its branches in Lod and Karmiel. More than 20% of the girls in each graduating class of the Midrasha go out to the army and another 30% have permanent stamps, so that in the last course of the Midrasha, which has about 100 girls, there are 21 female officers.

According to the Defense Ministry's Social Security Division, this year there is a record number of religious girls enlisting through the Midreshet Hamirasah program led by the department. About 308 religious girls joined the army at the beginning of the year 5769. This is an increase of about 15% compared to last year, and of more than 100% compared to 2014. About 20% of the graduates of the track go to the army.