51 Gaza Arabs were injured this evening, including 10 by live bullets and the rest from tear gas, in clashes with IDF forces near the fence in northern Gaza, the Gaza Health Ministry reported.

Meanwhile, it was reported in Gaza media that the Israeli Air Force fired at ships preparing to participate in a naval flotilla to Gaza's northern shores to lift the siege.

Four fires broke out during the day in the Gaza area as a result of incendiary balloons, including two at Kibbutz Be'eri.

On Friday, seven Arabe were reported killed and 400 injured in clashes with the army along the security fence. Some Arabs arrived at several locations along the Gaza perimeter fence.

Some of them rioted and threw grenades, explosive devices, tires, and rocks at the IDF forces.

The IDF says two aircraft carried out attacks in northern Gaza in response to grenades and explosive devices thrown at soldiers, and a number of suspects crossed the border fence in northern Gaza.