Approximately 20,000 rioters and demonstrators participated Friday in the Hamas-led riots that took place in several locations along the Gaza security fence.

The rioters sabotaged security infrastructure, attempted to cross the security fence and infiltrate into Israel in several locations and hurled over 100 explosives and grenades towards IDF troops and the security fence.

No IDF injuries were reported.

In a statement, an IDF spokesman said, "Hamas continues to orchestrate belligerent activity throughout the Gaza Strip, cynically using Gazan civilians and endangering children by sending them to the security fence as a cover for terror activity."

"Hamas is responsible for the violent riots and their consequences.

"The IDF is determined to continue operating to defend Israeli civilians against all those who seek to threaten Israeli security. The IDF is prepared to operate in the face of similar events; attempts to conduct terror attacks will be met with a severe response."

IDF sappers are currently neutralizing and disposing of explosive devices and grenades hurled at IDF troops and the security fence during Friday's riots throughout the Gaza Strip.