Sukkah building (illustration)
Sukkah building (illustration) Flash 90

Over 12 people were injured after a sukkah-bearing balcony in the heavily New York city of Monsey collapsed on Wednesday.

The balcony had collapsed after more than 100 people were in the sukkah a holiday party. Monsey's Hatzalah ambulance service sent seven ambulances after witnessing the extent of the damage.

According to Yeshiva World News, experts say it was a miracle that only 12 people were injured. All of the injured were in moderate condition.

Jews traditionally eat and reside in a booth called a sukkah during the Sukkot holiday. In 2017, a Brooklyn woman was one of 10 people injured in an apartment fire after her balcony exit was blocked by the sukkah erected on her balcony.

Daniella Liby, 53, was unable to jump out a window of her second-floor apartment due to the metal bars covering them, and the sukkah blocked her escape from the balcony. She reportedly shouted for help while waiting to be rescued.