Education Minister Naftali Bennett praised US President Donald Trump's continued support for Israel, but reiterated his continued opposition to the Two State Solution after Trump stated that he "likes the two-state solution."

“The President of the US is a true friend of Israel," Bennett wrote on Twitter. "However, it is must be emphasized that as long as the Jewish Home Party is part of Israel’s Government, there will not be a Palestinian state which would be a disaster for Israel.”

Bennett's statement follows the meeting between president Trump and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. During their meeting, Trump expressed his support for "everything Israel is doing as far as their defense is concerned."

"[The Israelis] are aggressive, and they have no choice but to be aggressive. It's a very difficult part of the world. So I just want to let Benjamin and all of the people know that we are with you, we are with Israel 100%."

During a press conference following the meeting, Trump also expressed his support for the Two State Solution.

“I like two-state solution,” Trump said. “That’s what I think works best.”