Bnei Brak demonstration
Bnei Brak demonstration Police Spokesman

Despite calls by hasidic rabbis, a few thousand residents of Bnei Brak participated in the protest rally held last night against Shabbat desecration in light rail work on the outskirts of the city.

The protest was attended mainly by worshipers from the city's hasidic community and some from the Sephardic public. The Lithuanian public boycotted the demonstration.

To ensure that public order not be violated and the demonstration was secured, hundreds of police officers, volunteers, and fighters were deployed on the routes and points affected by the protest route.

According to the police announcement, during the protest demonstration several participants attempted to break into the light railway site near Highway 4, but their attempt failed due to rapid action of police officers there.

Last night, a young woman complained that some of the participants in the demonstration "stoned her and jumped on her car," as she put it.

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