Ronen Lubarsky
Ronen LubarskyCourtesy of the family

This evening, the family of the terrorist who murdered IDF soldier Ronen Lubarsky was informed that the IDF intends to demolish the entire four-story building in which the terrorist lived.

An IDF official said that a message had already been given three weeks ago to the terrorist’s family of intention to demolish two floors of the building. In recent weeks, the IDF undertook an additional check, after which it was decided to demolish the entire building. “The IDF will continue to act resolutely to prevent terrorist attacks and to deter potential terrorists,” the official said.

The IDF official explained that "The building was built on a plot where the IDF had already demolished another building of the family in 1990, following an attack carried out by the terrorist's brother. The family was not allowed to rebuild the building, and now the IDF has decided to demolish the entire new building that was built. "

"We are fighting terror with determination!” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote this evening. “We are going to demolish from the foundation the entire four-story building, where the despicable terrorist, may his name be erased, who murdered IDF combat soldier Staff Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky lived."

“The demolition will be carried out as soon as possible. There is no compromise in the war on terror, only an iron hand."