An unique, out-of-the-box drasha (lesson) from Rabbi Jonathan Blass on the Book of Jonah, read on Yom Kippur, that combines illustrations, animation, and music to make for a spiritual, multi-dimensional experience. The drasha is based on The Tzadik and the Leviathan and is dedicated to the memory of Ari Fuld hy’d.

Producer Shlomo Blass says that shortly after hearing about the terror attack, he decided to dedicate the English version in memory of Ari with whom he crossed paths in the past: “Ari lived and died as a hero. I remember him as a warm-hearted and optimistic person who fought fearlessly and relentlessly for the truth and against evil. And it is that very message that the Book of Yonah teaches us: Have faith in the world and see G-d’s hand in creation, while recognizing and fighting vigorously against evil.”

The message at the end of the video reads: “In blessed memory of Ari Fuld הי”ד who believed in humanity and dedicated his life to the fight against the evil that rejects the sanctity of life and threatens the Jewish people.”