Shilo Adler
Shilo AdlerFlash 90

Former Yesha Council Director General Shilo Adler, currently running for Binyamin Regional Council chairmanship, issued an unusual public challenge today to his rivals in the race.

Adler published the call following results of a survey conducted by his headquarters that was published yesterday and seems to indicate a great advantage in his favor in the contest.

Publicizing the survey's results drew considerable skepticism, both from the other candidates' staffs, and from municipality residents and public figures, following which Adler published his challenge on his official Facebook page.

"My dear friends Effie Sharon and Yisrael Ganz: Yesterday we published results of a large survey carried out at the invitation of my staff. Of course we stand behind the truth of the results that herald my election to head the Binyamin Council in the first round with G-d's help."

"Unfortunately, we heard from the various headquarters and from a politician who is not a Binyamin resident, various arguments against the survey," Adler added, "so I have a proposal: Let's conduct a joint survey on the basis of agreed data and an agreed method of review. We shall inform the public in advance of the date of the survey. I'm sure of the survey results and I spoke the truth. Do you accept the challenge?"