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Rabbi Eliezer Krakover grew up in Bnei Brak, where his parents wanted their children to get an excellent Torah education with good values.

One of Rabbi Krakover's strong school memories is not about the learning, rather than about the attitude of his teachers. Even when his feet were in excruciating pain, he trudged on and finished the race last. Just beyond the finish line, his teacher and classmates were waiting to cheer for him and give him encouragement. He felt like they did not give up on him.

Now a teacher and the assistant principal of a Torah elementary school for boys, Rabbi Krakover applies those same principles to his students. "Would you want someone to give up on you?" He asks rhetorically.

Tune in to hear Rabbi Krakover's advice about kids who seem to completely ignore what you teach them, and about kids who seem to want to prove that everyone hates them to the point where they act out most when a teacher or parent is trying to help.

This show is a must for educators, parents, and anyone else who deals with kids.