Filling out that ticket: Lotto
Filling out that ticket: LottoFlash 90

Israel's lottery Mifal Hapayis today published Lottery data for the past Jewish year of 5778.

Last year, 32 new millionaires were added after filling out numbers that drew first prize. 20 of them filled out a regular lottery ticket and 12 more won with a double lottery ticket. The prize money for the first prize totaled NIS 381,733,334 ($106,942,937). In total, 64 new millionaires were added this year, including second prize winners.

The highest single winning prize ticket in the year 5778 was NIS 52 million ($14.6), in a lottery held in January 2018.

Where's the best place to live if I want to win the lottery? It turns out that statistically the best cities to live in order to win first prize in the lottery are Jerusalem and Ashdod, with three winners each. If you like second place, Rehovot, Herzliya, and Ashkelon had two winners in each city.

The numbers that came up most times this year are: 28 (drawn 30 times), 6 and 11 (drawn 29 times), 23 (drawn 27 times) 18 and 34 (drawn 24 times). The strongest number, that was drawn no less than 25 times in the lottery is 1.

Mifal Hapayis said "the money from lottery-purchasers is returned to the community, to local authorities for building schools, kindergartens, community centers, libraries, cultural institutions, scholarships, culture and more."

Lottery booth
Lottery boothFlash 90