The Magistrate's Court on Thursday convicted Hevron resident Noam Federman and his son of deliberately sabotaging a vehicle, after the two were documented throwing rocks at PA vehicles in Hevron and damaging their windows in response to Arabs who threw rocks at their car.

The judge ruled in his decision that there was no justification for the throwing of the rocks and that the response of the Jews was illegal.

Federman told Arutz Sheva upon leaving the courthouse, "I entered with a smile before the verdict was handed down and I left with a smile afterward. There is a contradictory message from the judge, who on the one hand said I did something heroic and on the other convicts me. I am satisfied with my actions and if a similar event happens tomorrow, I will act again in the same way."

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represented Federman's son, added, "There is a contradictory message in the verdict. On the one hand it praises the heroism of the Federman family and on the other hand the judge decided on a conviction. We believe that throwing the rocks was right and will appeal the verdict."

"The court also criticized IDF soldiers who fled the scene. The Federman family should have received a medal, not a conviction. A man who at whom rocks are thrown needs to attack and not flee,” Ben-Gvir said.