Pins calling on campus Arabs to boycott Israel
Pins calling on campus Arabs to boycott Israel Reuters

This morning it was publicized that the US Department of Education will recognize Jews as an ‘ethnicity’ and not just a religion as was the situation until now. The impact of this decision is that the Jewish People is recognized to have self-determination and thus any action to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist therefore rejects that right and will be considered anti-Semitism.

On a practical level this means boycott groups will no longer be able to protest against Israel’s right to exist on campuses and universities throughout the United States and any such activities will be considered anti-Semitic.

Lev HaOlam on campus
Lev HaOlam on campus Lev HaOlam

Lev HaOlam anti-boycott organization founder Attorney Nati Rom said, “I'm pleased with this correct decision made by the US Department of Education. This decision admits a simple fact: the Jewish People is a nation unto its own. We're not only a religion, but also a nation with a land. This move exposes BDS and boycott groups on college campuses throughout the US for who they are and recognizes that they have only one goal: To reject the historic claims of the Jewish People to this land and prevent the return of the Jewish People to their homeland. Judea and Samaria are only the beginning - they want to weaken our connection to all of the land of Israel.”

The Lev HaOlam Organization sends thousands packages every month with products from Judea and Samaria to Israel-supporters living in over 43 different countries around the world. The organization also provides tours for visitors from abroad in Israel, including many student groups who experience the vicious hatred of the boycott groups up-close.

“From my experiences with students from the US, the anti-Israel groups are known to act very aggressively and also act out their strong hatred of Israel against Jewish students. These students are subject to anti-Semitic attacks that they must suffer silently in order to continue their studies,” said Attorney Rom. “I hope this move will give them the strength to overcome these attacks and help them speak the truth without fear.”

Atty. Nati Rom
Atty. Nati Rom Lev HaOlam
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