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Religious community rabbis in Upper Nazareth are calling to support for the Jewish Union party after statements by MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint Arab List).

In a special announcement published for the first time on Arutz Sheva, more than twenty rabbis from the religious communities in Nazareth Illit signed a bill to support the Jewish Union list for the city council.

The rabbis, whose proclamation opened by stating the importance of unity, declared: "The 'Jewish Union' list has our approval, is under our auspices, and represents us all."

A source in the list explains that the rabbis from a variety of communities chose to express unified support for the list in light of Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi's statements in recent weeks against the list. "The attacks against the slogan of Nazareth Illit is Jewish proved how much the Jewish Union list really is needed to preserve the Jewish character of the city and therefore, the city really needs Jewish reinforcement.

"As a result, a large number of the city's rabbis came out with a holy call to support the list and to call upon the city's residents to vote for it, with the understanding that every such election campaign is significant for determining the character of the city."

The Chairman of the list, Menachem Gandel, said this week that the upcoming municipal elections will decide who will be the city's decision-makers: the Jewish Union List representatives or those of the Joint Arab List.

"We're satisfied with the mayor's performance and support him for another term since he worked hard to promote the city and made a real revolution here," said Gandel. "The real question is who will be the mayor's partners in city leadership in the municipality - the 'Jewish Union' or Dr. Awadah, the representative of the Arab list in the city and its partners."

In an interview with the local newspaper in Nazareth Illit, Zoabi, who is running for mayor, attacked the Jewish Union list and said: "Anyone whose connection with the country is maintained by expulsion, violence, and abhorrence of the indigenous people tries to compensate this illegitimacy with all sorts of ideologies. Racism and the negation of our natural connection to the homeland isn't a solution to the illegitimacy of the concept of a 'Jewish state' or 'Jewish city'."