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East Jerusalem Arab Aziz Abu Sarra plans to run for mayor of Jerusalem next month, Haaretz reported.

Abu Sarra, 38, heads a new Arab list called Al-Quds Lana (Jerusalem is Ours), which will run for city council.

Due to the fact that he is not an Israeli citizen, Abu Sarra will have to petition the Supreme Court to change the law requiring citizenship to run for mayor.

"We are 180,000 people who have the right to vote, we don't have to be on the sidelines - we can decide who will be the mayor," Abu Sarra told Haaretz. "I think if this happens, Bibi will come out with all kinds of laws to prevent it, but in this way people who think the status quo in Jerusalem can continue will understand that it cannot continue, and Israelis who don't see what's happening and don't know will finally understand that we won't be silent.

"Our identity as Palestinians is very important and we're not giving up on it in this race," Abu Sarra said, saying his words are aimed also at West Jerusalem residents: "Israelis who understand this situation can't continue must vote for the Palestinian list, and I very much hope that some will," Abu Sarra said.