Erdan and Alsheikh
Erdan and Alsheikh Flash 90

It now appears that Interior Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) will not extend the tenures of Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh and Israel Prison System Commissioner Ofra Klinger.

According to Tuesday evening's News 2 report, Minister Erdan intends to appoint senior officers from the police to head the police department and prison system.

In recent days, Erdan has approached legal officials in search of a police commissioner candidate instead of Alsheikh.

The reason for the search is that in the extensive polygraph tests conducted for the commissioners after a number of sex scandals within the police department were revealed - embarrassing and old details, but not criminal ones, were also included.

Since Erdan does not want to find himself once again declaring a commissioner's candidacy only to be forced to withdraw, as is the case with Gal Hirsch, Erdan wants to make sure his preferred candidate for the commissioner will have a smooth appointment process.

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