The Brothers in Arms organization published a new video entitled Who's Educating IDF Officers? The film shows harsh statements about the State and the IDF in connection with senior Mandel Leadership Institute staff members.

For example, Dr. Ayman Agabria claimed "the State of Israel is a state of all its citizens and must recognize the Nakba," or Jeremy Fogel, another Institute lecturer, who defined Israeli society as undergoing a "process of Nazification", and Dr. Zvi Bekerman, who in the past criticized IDF morality under the heading - Givati Cruelty ​​and Liberal Ethics.

The film also mentions that Mandel Foundation President Prof. Yehuda Reinharz once hosted Richard Goldstone, author of the Goldstone Report that alleged Israel committed war crimes in Gaza.

In recent weeks the IDF published names of institutes that won the tender to offer programs in the IDF while the Mandel Institute, which operates in the high IDF echelons, is the only one that, as opposed to the other bodies, enjoys "exempt from tender" status.

Organizations involved in the issue for more than a year such as the Lavi organization for good governance in Israel and Brothers in Arms have called on the IDF to sever all contact with the Mandel Institute, many of whose supporters and officials harbor extreme leftist agendas.

The Lavi organization also published a comprehensive report on the Mandel Institute last week relating both to its IDF and civilian operations.

Brothers in Arms organization spokesman Maj. Gen. (res.) Chaim Teitelbaum said, "The serious statements made by senior officials at the Institute show the trend leading the best officers in the IDF, the blurring of the value of decisive victory in battle and all the basic national values ​​that generations of fighters grew up on in the IDF. We say to the Defense Minister and the next Chief of Staff: The Mandel Institute and other extreme left-wing institutions must leave the IDF completely. Period."

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