Yonit Levi
Yonit LeviMichal Fattal/Flash 90

Media man Erel Segal opened his program on Radio 103fm, referring to Monica Lewinsky's departure from the interview with Hadashot 2’s Yonit Levy during the company’s “Influential People” conference after being asked about her past relationship with Bill Clinton.

"There's a double game here of Hadashot. Why did they bring Monica Lewinsky and why did she come from the start? If they made an agreement there on what to talk about and what not then it has to be met. I believe Monica Lewinsky, that they agreed not to talk about the subject and I think it was not a nice thing to do to her and therefore she made a dramatic exit.”

"On the one hand, we are a company that is shocked by the ME_TOO campaign and on the other hand, hear the disregard for her at the Hadashot company. Why did Hadashot bring her to the conference in the first place? After all, she came to talk about cyberbullying towards women and not about her personal story. "

“No listeners should be mistaken, don't let them sell you lies. The reason they brought her to speak at the Influential People conference of Hadashot is because of the fact she is Monica Lewinsky and the chapter involving Bill Clinton. When they planned to bring her to the lecture they refrained from the elephant in the room and when she arrived and they took out the elephant, it exploded in Hadashot’s face. Because it's Hadashot and Yonit Levi, they are forgiven because they are the ‘mainstream.’

"That was the wish. They brought someone to talk about violence on the Internet, and in the end all that interested the listeners was the affair with Clinton. Where was the cigar, what was done to the dress, etc. This is the essence of hypocrisy and the double standard of the Israeli media. On the one hand they are shocked by people's statements about women and on the other hand they bring Monica Lewinsky and make her little red riding hood in Binyanei Ha'uma."