Demonstration against Muslim immigrants in Kamenitz, Germany
Demonstration against Muslim immigrants in Kamenitz, Germanyצילום: רויטרב

Andrej Babiš, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, called mass illegal immigration a "threat to European civilization."

“We do not want to live here in Africa or the Middle East. We have to stop [this mass immigration]," Babiš said in an interview with national television. "If Frenchmen, the Dutch or Belgians want to have more ISIS supporters than they have today, it’s up to them.”

Babiš said that if illegal immigration from Muslim countries was not brought under control, "Chemnitz is around the corner," referencing the mass protests against Germany's open borders policy towards Muslim immigrants. "The events in Chemnitz emphasize that the influx of migrants is causing explosive situations, when foreigners clash with local citizens, such incidents are very dangerous to Europe, and the tensions in Germany also affect other countries. Their country is bad. We have 1.5 million illegal migrants here. Our return policy is bad."

He slammed the European Union's quota system, which required nations to accept a minimum number of immigrants in the wake of the Arab Spring.

“We have lost four years foolishly debating quotas… the message being sent is that Europe is open and that we have to care for everyone who comes illegally”.