Jason Greenblatt
Jason GreenblattReuters

US Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt on Monday wrote a special editorial in Israel Hayom, stating that US President Donald Trump "wants this year to be a year of peace."

Israel Hayom is Israel's most popular newspaper. It is distributed daily, along with a special weekend edition each Friday.

In his Israel Hayom editorial, Greenblatt wrote that "during the past 19 months, in the chase after what seems to be an elusive and faraway peace between Israelis and Palestinians, I have merited many experiences with people in the area. Israelis and Palestinians, young and old, secular and religious, Muslims, Christians and Jews, are not sure about the chance of peace, and their doubts are definitely legitimate."

"Despite the obvious challenges, residents of the area, and their commitment to chasing peace often inspired me. Often, people approach me, asking me to thank US President Donald Trump for bringing the hope for peace back to the area and for making the issue part of everyday discussion. People understand that this is an unusual challenge which is filled with developing complications, but they support the important cause."

Ending his editorial, Greenblatt wrote that during the upcoming holidays, he will pray for those Israelis held captive by Hamas, as well as for the Israelis and Arabs suffering from Hamas' actions. He also expressed hopes that everyone "will join him in these prayers."

"May G-d bless us with a year of satisfaction, health, meaning, happiness, and tranquility. May G-d spread a tent of peace over the US, its allies, and its friends."