Islamic Jihad terrorists
Islamic Jihad terrorists Reuters

Josh Hasten conducts a fascinating interview with Dr. Harold Rhode, one of the world’s preeminent scholars on Islam.

Rhode who served as an adviser on Islamic Affairs at the US Department of Defense has a book titled “Modern Islamic Warfare.”

The work exposes modern day terrorism as the classic style of Islamic warfare meant to instill fear in one’s enemy, whether they are fellow Muslims, Jews, Christians or others, in order to achieve one’s goals.

He explains that Mahmoud Abbas will never adhere to a US-negotiated ‘peace deal’ with Israel, similar to arch terrorist Yasser Arafat, as he says there is no such thing as the concept of ‘permanent peace’ in Islam, only temporary truces when a side is weak and seeks to gain strength.

Ironically, Rhode believes that years of Islamic terror against the Jewish State has actually caused more and more Israelis to become stronger and deeply rooted in the Land of Israel.