Limor Livnat
Limor LivnatYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Former Minister Limor Livnat stated in an interview with Rafi Reshef on Channel Ten that she regrets her support for the 2005 Disengagement Plan.

Livnat said that she supported the Disengagement at the request of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

"As for the disengagement, I sat with Sharon and Dovi Weisglass and he showed me maps. I said that the whole idea seemed wrong to me, but Arik, as was usual in some cases, led us astray," she said.

"I made a serious mistake, I did not have to support this compromise. I should have understood that this compromise was an 'Israbluff," she added.

Livnat was asked if her support for the Disengagement led to issues with her father, who supports the right, and with her brother, who lived in Gush Katif at the time.

"I never had a break with my father, even when he did not agree with my actions," she said. "Our family relationships are so close, warm, and intelligent. Even when they were angry at my moves, they never said a word about them to me. It was not easy, but I think it is wise that our ties have never been cut off. There was an uneasy atmosphere but the fact is that [we] remained together, united, and loving."

"I was in a terrible situation during this period of Gush Katif. My stomach and heart had turned upside down."

"Do not bring me back to that," asked Livnat. "You open up something that is really the worst and most painful thing I've ever done. My family was really hurt and I hurt them very much."

The program was filmed and broadcast over a year ago and was re-broadcast this week.