Pashkvil Palisades
Pashkvil PalisadesFlash 90

The haredi schism expands: Against the background of the claim that their true power remains unrecognized and untapped, the Lithuanian faction Degel Hatorah is expected to run separately from Agudat Yisrael for Jerusalem City Council.

Degel Hatorah in Jerusalem Chairman Eliezer Rauchberger explained the circumstances of this morning's decision: "The Degel Hatorah Jerusalem public feels it doesn't count. So we decided to run separately. This is how we'll maximize our capabilities and strength in the city. We'll get at least five Knesset seats," he said in an interview with Kol B'rama radio.

Rauchberger added Degel Hatorah desires separation by agreement, understanding, and mutual respect. "There's no place for quarrels; each of us will work to bring his public to the polls. So it was in Beit Shemesh in the last municipal elections and there's no reason not to do so in Jerusalem," he said.

He said an attempt was made to go with Agudat Yisrael under United Torah Judaism auspices, but the talks were unsuccessful. "We did everything possible to preserve unity, but unfortunately the other side insisted that the balance of forces remain 5-3 to Degel Hatorah's disadvantage which is unacceptable, so we'll run separately and maximize our strength."