Amit Segal
Amit SegalHillel Meir/TPS

Political commentator Amit Segal (News Company) explained on Erel Segal's 103 FM program the Prime Minister's motive in bragging that his party will receive 40 seats in the next elections: "Even if Netanyahu gets 40 seats it's doubtful whether the coalition will be stable as it is today," he said.

"Netanyahu's entire political existence is based on the underdog consciousness of those who voted for him since 1996. And so the worse the situation for them, the better Netanyahu will do in the elections. My explanation for Netanyahu's remarks is that he's calling on his political rivals to compromise on the Draft Law issue and not hold elections that would restore the trauma of the 2015 elections when the Likud drank up the other right-wing party's votes with a straw. The parties in the Netanyahu bloc are now in a state of anorexia and they are really liable to die.

Netanyahu unimpressed
Netanyahu unimpressedFlash 90

On the claim that the election would be in Netanyahu's favor, he explained: "This discussion is a bit unnecessary because it's a postponement of elections by a few months. The Prime Minister's status in Israel, like Netanyahu, is determined not by number of seats for his party, but by seats that will enable him to form a stable right-wing government. If he gets 40 Knesset seats, it's doubtful whether the coalition will be as stable as it is today."

Erel Segal was surprised: "I thought after the last elections Netanyahu would want to form a national unity government. From your words I understand Netanyahu wants only a narrow right-wing government."

"Anyone who thinks Netanyahu will want to form a government with Lapid doesn't understand two things," Amit Segal answered, "Netanyahu can't go with a partner who will leave him after ten tweets on Twitter and Lapid won't go with Netanyahu to form a 65-seat government with the haredim and Bennett. This would be a mass suicide of the Yesh Atid party."

Lapid unimpressed
Lapid unimpressedFlash 90