Tomatoes ready for shipping
Tomatoes ready for shippingiStock

The Ministry of Economy and Industry, through the Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority, and the Ma'of system in the Eshkol region, in cooperation with the local authorities in the Gaza vicinity, announced the opening of the "Otef Bakef" events in the Tel Aviv port market and the city of Sderot to enable the residents of the area to market their wares.

In an interview with Mendi Raizel on Radio 101.5FM, Eli Cohen (Kulanu), the Minister of Economy and Industry, spoke about the events and added that there would be significant compensation for farmers affected by kite terrorism.

He criticized the opening of tomato imports from Turkey, despite the fact that there is no shortage of tomatoes in Israel.

"I do not think that the Turks deserve any prize. I see their hypocrisy, I see their activity against Israel in the political arena and in incitement. I have no doubt that Minister Kahlon will correct the situation," Cohen said.