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MK Revital Swid of the Zionist Union today slammed the Arab MKs who appealed to the United Nations to lead a condemnation of the Israeli government and the Nationality Law.

Swid's comments in her Twitter account received a sharp response from Labor party member leftist Eldad Yaniv.

"My opinion on the Nationality Law is known - it's unnecessary and dangerous," Swid said, "but from here to attacking and condemning the State of Israel at the UN, the distance is great. It's a defiant move by Arab MKs that harms the State and does a great service for supporters of the Law, with Netanyahu at their head."

Yaniv claimed Swid's remarks on the Nationality Law were too weak and accused her of cooperating with Prime Minister Netanyahu. "Are you sure you're opposition? Or with a good proposal - let's say Justice Minister and of course a member of the committee to appoint rabbinical judges - you'll sit in his government after the elections with the Nationality Law?

"A law that denies equality isn't 'unnecessary'. It's a shot in democracy's back. It's not they who corrupt Balfour - with such a position, you do," Yaniv attacked Swid.

Eldad Yaniv
Eldad YanivFlash 90

Allowing the situation to develop into a basement gun battle within the "Zionist Union", MK Swid replied, "You're not my kosher certificate. If you clean your glasses for a moment from the vapors of arrogance, cockiness, and verbal violence, you might see that I fought the Nationality Law from the very beginning, while you haven't yet decided what to tweet and against whom.

"Nothing paralyzes me, certainly not your below-the-belt despicable comments. And let us say politely and with restraint that you're the last person I'll take lessons from on populism and demagoguery. Or maybe the very first," Swid swiped.