Advanced medical care
Advanced medical care IDF Spokesperson't Unit

The IDF has been instituting significant changes in its medical and logistics departments following lessons learned from recent operations.

As part of the new program, the army will start deploying medical equipment and advanced gear for evaluation and monitoring of wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Every soldier will receive a "cat", artery-blocker and will practice using a plastic stum to help treat bleeding and tying an artery blocker.

In addition, a smart clock will be attached to every wounded soldier in order for crucial lifesaving data to be monitored more efficiently. The clock provides a complete and complete picture of the patient's medical condition from the beginning of the medical treatment at the point of injury to his arrival at the hospital, while optimizing the screening and treatment process.

The smart clock is expected to dramatically cut the time in which a soldier's treatment time, as it centralizes all of the relevant data in one place.

In addition, the IDF will take the revolutionary step in using drones to supply medical equipment to the battle field. These drones include the 'Air Hopper' for logistics resupply missions up to 30 kilograms. The IDF will also buy 94 new ambulances by the end of 2019.

The IDF also intends to upgrade the first-aid training that front-line combat troops receive. Troops will learn how to provide first aid with the understanding that they will eventually be the first people to treat a wounded person during wartime,

Surgeons will also be embedded in brigade-level medical teams, a first in the IDF. Military doctors will also be trained by civilian trauma surgeons, which the IDF sees as crucial in upgrading its medical capabilities in a country without a military hospital.