Emergency first responders in Modiin Illit (archive image)
Emergency first responders in Modiin Illit (archive image) Courtesy of MDA

One person was stabbed in a yeshiva inside the haredi city of Modi’in Illit Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred on Hafetz Haim Street in the Kiryat Sefer neighborhood of Modi’in Illit just after noon on Sunday, when a young man, roughly 17 years of age, was stabbed in a yeshiva.

Police say the stabbing appears to be criminal in nature, and was not terror related. According to initial reports from the scene, the stabbing was the result of a brawl which had erupted following a dispute between several students.

Authorities were immediately notified of the stabbing, and tracked down and arrested the suspect, who was taken into custody within minutes of the incident.

Emergency first responders were called to treat the victim, who is said to be in serious condition.

“When we got there, we say a young man about 17 years of age lying on the steps of a yeshiva, fully conscious, in pain after having been stabbed multiple times in his torso,” MDA paramedic Alon Cohen said.

“We provided him with life-saving medical treatment, including stopping the bleeding, providing liquids, and treatment with drugs before we evacuated him to the hospital while his condition was unstable and serious.”

The victim was evacuated via ambulance to Tel Hashomer hospital in Ramat Gan.