Tomatoes ready for shipping
Tomatoes ready for shippingiStock

The farmers of Nitzana sent a letter to the Finance, Economy, and Agriculture Ministers in a warning letter before turning to the Supreme Court: Stop the unregulated tomato import from Turkey immediately.

Arutz Shevareported that senior Agriculture officials are outraged at the default agreement that allows Turkish tomato imports to Israel during the holidays, even though there is no shortage of tomatoes in Israel.

Farmers recently asked the Finance Minister to cancel the practice that was established several years ago during a tomato shortage, but the Minister did not comply.

Ramat Negev Regional Council head Eran Doron expressed support for the farmers: "The main reason for the high prices in Israel is a cartel of the retail chains, which gross profit of 70% of what the consumer pays.

"The public isn't stupid and sees the high prices don't trickle down to the farmers. I call on the Israeli government to dismantle this cartel," said Doron.

Tomatoes by the truckload
Tomatoes by the truckloadiStock