Mourning Kolitz Family
Mourning Kolitz Family Yankevideo

Another breath and another breath and... another breath.

The Kolitz family watched their father fighting for his life. Each breath was a supreme struggle, a struggle for life itself. Nachum Kolitz had been diagnosed with an aggressive lung disease that eventually forced him to rely on a respirator just to stay alive.

Nachum, the son of the former Rav of Yerushalayim Rav Yitzchok Kolitz ztz"l, was an extraordinary man. He was larger than life. He lead a life of Torah while singlehandedly supporting his large family. Throughout his life, even during the hardest times, his smile never left his face.

After a successful lung transplant operation was performed to save his life, the family began to hope that their father would survive this as he had reassured them he would. It was not to be: Rav Nachum Kolitz contracted a serious infection and passed away soon after. Help the Kolitz family now!

His widow is left alone to support all seven children who live at home. Her husband was the main breadwinner and now they are left without any income at all. The Kolitzes literally have no money to pay for food or basic expenses. "We don't know how to continue without him," says Mrs. Kolitz her voice breaking in this video.

An emergency fundraising campaign has been started to help the mourning Kolitz family survive this difficult time. They literally have nothing to live on. "There can be nothing more important than helping this family," said Rav Yitzchok Ezrachi when he comforted the broken widow and her children during the shiva.



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