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Senior Agriculture officials are outraged at the default agreement that allows Turkish tomato imports to Israel during the holidays, even though there is no shortage of tomatoes in Israel.

Sources in the industry called the automatic process of lifting imported tomato tariffs prior to the holidays "a gift to Turkish President Erdoğan on the occasion of the Jewish holidays."

Farmers recently asked the Finance Minister to cancel the practice that was established several years ago during a tomato shortage, but the Minister did not comply.

Knesset agricultural lobby head MK Eitan Broshi (Zionist Union) responded to the holiday season tomato import.

"Importing tomatoes these days and before the holiday season is an incorrect move that has no justification, a move that won't affect the cost of living and won't lower the price to the consumer," Broshi said.

"There's no lack of good quality Israeli tomatoes at a reasonable price. Therefore I call upon the Finance and Agriculture Ministers to immediately halt the reckless import that constitutes a real threat to the continued existence of the vegetable industry in Israel," he said.

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