Minaret at night
Minaret at nightiStock

Jerusalem City Councilman and Meuchadim party Chairman Aryeh King wonders why law enforcement authorities do not restrain the particularly obnoxious muezzin noise during the Islamic "Festival of the Sacrifice".

"This morning is one of the loudest mornings of the year," says King. "The mosques make noises for hours through the muezzin's old-fashioned loudspeakers. Deafening voices beginning already before sunup plague Jerusalem residents, Jews and Muslims alike. We're the Sacrifice Festival's sacrifices.

"The ongoing impotence and unwillingness of the legal authorities to deal once and for all with the phenomenon enable continued harm to Jerusalem resident's quality of life. When I was Environment Committee Chairman, I saw to it that the Jerusalem Municipality budget would include treating the audio systems installed on the minarets with the goal of enabling use of the systems in a smart and ordered manner.

"The intention was to replace old systems with new ones whose sound quality was more pleasant and tolerable to the ear, while reducing the muezzin's call coverage area to the Arab neighborhoods only.

"Unfortunately, due to failed conduct of Mayor Nir Barkat and Finance Committee chairwoman Hagit Moshe, who brought in funds for renovating cultural buildings in the city instead of dealing with muezzin noise, we're in the same situation that affects the quality of life of all of us."