Ari Goldwag sang before he spoke. But his shyness almost stopped his career before it started.

Still, with his mother's encouragement, he joined the Miami Boys Choir at the age of nine, and quickly became a top soloist, even starring in a number of their music videos.

When Ari's voice changed and his time with the world-famous choir ended, he plunged from stardom to normal teenagehood. "I felt like Superman who had just lost his powers," Ari recalls.

With more than a dozen solo albums under his belt, and many hits from songs he wrote for other artists as well, Ari remains that shy kid who asks Hashem to help him overcome his challenges every step of the way.

Tune in to hear how Ari sees the convergence of Jewish music and Israeli secular music, in particular through his viral hit, Am Echad (One Nation).

Plus: Throughout the show, Ari teases with a taste of his beautiful voice!