Almost every day new songs are published. Meir Chortkov's Come to my Aid and Save Me is different from the rest. Meir wasn't looking for fame, he didn't imagine a solo career, but when a tragic event visited him he found solace in poetry and has now released his first single and even goes to perform.

"Three years ago, my wife and I experienced a terrible crisis when my daughter, Malka bat Rachel Hodaya, got a very serious illness. It was a sign from Heaven, like a lifeline thrown to me by G-d. I saw that Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that every human being has a moment in life - one moment when he can sense exactly the purpose of his life, a moment that can change his world and flood him with a wonderful light of understanding his destiny and uniqueness in the world."

And that moment came. "I went out to a quiet place and poured my heart before the Master of the World, as Rabbi Nachman suggested, and when I came to the verse, Come to my aid and save me, allow me to speak to me before you every day, and all that I have in my heart, I will speak out before you: Suddenly I felt Heaven listening and understanding my situation and my little daughter Malka's condition, and at the same time I found myself humming and singing the melody.

"A few days passed and the melody kept playing in my mouth and heart, something that didn't leave me, and I felt this was my chance to shake off the private pain and to offer every Jew the sense of comfort that filled me when I fulfilled Rebbe Nachman's recommendation to speak my heart before my Father in Heaven," says Meir.

Meir brought his melody to composer Ari Farkash who wrote the song's adaptation, and Itzik Filmer, who donated his talent for the vocal processing. Together they produced a particularly moving song that was published for the High Holy Days.

"I look forward to meeting the people of Israel at get-togethers, weddings, and every celebration that may be. I love the entire Jewish People and feel I have the ability to strengthen and encourage," he says.