Sir Patrick Stewart
Sir Patrick StewartReuters

Sir Patrick Stewart, the British actor made famous by his role as Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek the Next Generation, has announced that he will not vote for the Labour Party again out of concern over the policies of current party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The actor cited concerns over Corbyn's support for Brexit when discussing his feelings about the Labour party with The New European.

“I am not a politician and I am not a strategist, but I have a suspicion Jeremy believes a disastrous Brexit would benefit him politically, and, in all the chaos and confusion that would occur after the policy is implemented – in either a hard or a soft way, I might add – he sees himself taking power. It seems to me to be just plain wrong to play with the country’s future in this way," Stewart said.

“What Jeremy doesn’t appear to understand is that it would be the easiest thing in the world to attack the government on Brexit and to oppose it at every turn and to tear apart their arguments and expose it for what it is.

“There is, after all, nothing that is more opposed to basic Labour values than Brexit and I think just about everyone except him can now see that.”

Stewart added that while he has supported Labour since 1945, he now finds it "difficult to understand what Labour really stands for or what it represents right now. It doesn’t feel like my party any more.”

The Star Trek star had previously expressed support for Corbyn, but that support faded after a meeting between the two where Corbyn became annoyed at the television and movie star.

Corbyn has faced growing criticism for allowing anti-Semitism to thrive in the Labour party and for attending a ceremony in honor of the terrorists responsible for the murder of Israeli athletes during the Munich Massacre.

Stewart mentioned that he was also upset by Corbyn's inability to effectively handle problems such as anti-Semitism.

In 2012, Stewart visited Israel. After his visit, he tweeted: "I will miss Israel–the place, the people, the food."