Shira Lukatz with her grandmother and step-grandfather
Shira Lukatz with her grandmother and step-grandfather Koko

Hundreds of young Jewish men and women from around the world have immigrated to Israel in recent days in preparation for their enlistment in the IDF as part of the Tzofim Garin Tzabar and Tzofim Itanu in the United States. The opening ceremony of the 2018 session was held in Tel Aviv in the presence of the wife of the prime minister, Sara Netanyahu and other senior officials.

Among the new olim was Shira Lukatz, the granddaughter of Dr. Miriam Adelson, The event was held at the Smolarz Auditorium at Tel Aviv University. She joined 350 other young people who were making Aliya and joining the IDF.

The Tzabar organization began its activities in 1991 with the aim of creating a group framework of support and guidance for young Jews and Israelis from all over the world who are moving to Israel to serve full and meaningful service in the IDF. Each year, the program brings more than 40 young men and women, Jews and children of Israeli expats, to Israel. To date, more than 1,100 lone soldiers have been involved

Tzabar works to assist the individual and group absorption process in Israel throughout the program, through the integration of young people in Jewish communities, close guidance, counseling and support for individual soldiers before, during and after their service. The data show that 30% of participants in the program go to the army, and at the end of their military service about 80% of the graduates choose to remain in Israel and establish their home in Israel.

Sarah Netanyahu told the olim: "Welcome home! Israel is home to all the Jews of the world. It is all of our home. You have left to come here from all over the world. You have left a warm home and a loving family, leaving behind college and friends and choosing to immigrate to Israel to serve in the IDF. There is no better example of Zionism. Every year that I come here to receive you, I talk about my acquaintance with the program."

President of the Sabra Group in the US, publisher and owner of the Yisrael Hayom newspaper, Dr. Miriam Adelson said: "This is a double honor for me, first because I point to your important decision to serve Israel and thank your parents who raised you well, and second, because this year my granddaughter is here with you."

Dr. Adelson saluted her granddaughter Shira Lukatz: "We are proud of you and love you. You are all here to 'build and be built.' Israel must be protected, even with great sacrifice."

Shira Lukastz said: "The army will be tough. We are all very aware of this. Parents, do not worry, we will definitely call you every chance we get, but I have no doubt that this group of courageous, brave, motivated and passionate young people will be fine. And we will be able to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that the Sabra kernel has given us. "

Global CEO of Tzofim Elad Sandrovich said: "This week we are absorbing the summer cycle, new immigrants who will soon enlist as lone soldiers for significant positions in about 50 units, and behind each of them is an amazing Zionist story, and we are proud to be there for them."