reserve soldiers (archive)
reserve soldiers (archive)Hillel Meir/TPS

Activists from the extreme left-wing Ta'ayush organization arrived last Saturday in the Har Hevron area to assist Arab farmers and document the IDF soldiers who were at the scene.

According to a report by News 10, one of the reserve soldiers filmed confronted a radical activist. A video of the event was posted on social networks and he was suspended.

"Our battalion commander saw the video, called me and said that according to what you see, there is nothing to argue or explain, and that I attacked the activist in a disrespectful manner," the soldier explained. "Unfortunately, all my explanations were that all I did was push the camera [were ignored]."

The IDF Spokesperson's Office said in response: "From the investigation of the incident it emerges that the combatant acted in an inappropriate manner, both in the manner in which he expressed himself and in the manner in which he raised his hand against the civilian. After an investigation, it was decided to suspend him from operational activity."